Homework 4/27-5/1

Monday- Study for test tomorrow!

Tuesday- Functional Harmony Test! No homework

Wednesday- Choral Day

Thursday- Choral Day

Friday- Field Day

Homework 4/20-4/24

Monday- pg. 69, #1-3

Tuesday- pg. 69, #4-6

Wednesday- pg. 71

Thursday- pg. 72

Friday- Review Sheet

Homework 4/14-4/17

Monday- No school

Tuesday- pg. 66a

Wednesday- pg. 66b

Thursday- pg. 66c

Friday- pg. 67

Homework 4/6-4/9

Monday- Harmonic Analysis Test! No homework

Tuesday- pg. 64

Wednesday- pg. 64a

Thursday- pg. 66a

Friday- No school

Homework 3/30-4/3

Monday- AZM2 Testing

Tuesday- pg. 62a

Wednesday- Test Review Sheet

Thursday- AZM2 Testing

Friday- Study for test on Monday!

Homework 3/23-3/27

Monday- pg. 57

Tuesday- pg. 60

Wednesday- 7th Chords Quiz! Hw- pg. 61

Thursday- pg. 61a

Friday- pg. 62

Homework 3/16-3/20

Monday- pgs. 49-50

Tuesday- pg. 52

Wednesday- pg. 53

Thursday- pg. 54

Friday- pg. 56a

Homework 3/2-3/6

Choral Week- No homework, but be prepared for a singing quiz!

Homework 2/24-2/28

All Week

Romantic Music History Unit- Be sure to review notes and pieces heard in class throughout the week.  Assignments will be given out accordingly.

Study for the history test on Monday, March 2nd!

Homework 2/18-2/21

Monday- No School

Tuesday- pg. 29a2

Wednesday- pg. 30

Thursday- Roman Numeral Quiz! No homework

Friday- Romantic Music History Unit