January 16th-19th

Tuesday- pg. 8; Timed Key Signature quiz tomorrow

Wednesday- pgs. 10 & 10a

Thursday- pg. 11; Study for Quiz tomorrow (key signatures, scales & intervals)

Friday- Practice singing major and minor scales with solfege


January 8th-12th

Monday- Welcome; Get syllabus signed

Tuesday/Wednesday- No class

Thursday- pgs. 3-5

Friday- pgs. 6-7

Homework 11/27-12/1

Monday- pg. 69 #3-6

Tuesday- pgs. 71-72

Wednesday- Review Sheet

Thursday- Study for Test

Friday- Concert Review due Monday

Homework 11/20-11/22

Monday- pgs. 66a & 66b

Tuesday- pg. 66c

Wednesday- None (Thanksgiving Break!)

Thursday- No School

Friday- No School

Homework 11/13-11/17

Monday- pg. 61a

Tuesday- pg. 62; Study for Quiz tomorrow

Wednesday- None

Thursday- pg. 64

Friday- pg. 64a

Homework 11/6-11/9

Monday- pg. 54

Tuesday- pg. 57

Wednesday- pg. 60

Thursday- pg. 61

Friday- No School

Homework 10/30-11/3

Monday- Review Sheet

Tuesday- Test today! No homework

Wednesday- pgs. 49-50

Thursday- pgs. 52

Friday- pg. 53